Enable playback of a single .ts ( mp2t ) : mac platform.

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Enable playback of a single .ts ( mp2t ) : mac platform.

Postby arjun1985 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:49 am


We are experimenting with a CEF based application to playback a single .TS file with H.264 codec and aac audio - for MAC platform.
We would like to specify the video/mp2t mime type in the video tag to playback the file - currently the playback does-not begin.

Here is what we already tried, however have not been successful :
- Tried enabling the ts-parser by setting the "enable_mse_mpeg2ts_stream_parser=true" flag in the Chromium + CEF build process,
[ https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/ ... ckStart.md ]
- Tried adding {"video/mp2t", "ts"} pair to MimeInfo "kPrimaryMappings" in mime_util.cc

we are fairly new to chromium codebase and we would like to get your suggestions w.r.t settings / code to help achieve this.

Additional Observations:
- we were able to playback a .mp4 file containing h.264 codec ( enabled "proprietary_codecs=true ffmpeg_branding=Chrome" to get this working )
- Also we found that google-chrome browser doesnot playback a .ts file and instead triggers a download of it : this is what we would like to change in our chromium/cef based application where we would like to playback the .ts file.

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Re: Enable playback of a single .ts ( mp2t ) : mac platform.

Postby magreenblatt » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:53 am

It looks like you already asked on the chromium-dev mailing list. That is the appropriate forum for your question.
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