Reading ArrayBuffer in C++ From Javascript

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Reading ArrayBuffer in C++ From Javascript

Postby nickhalfasleep » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:53 am

I am inquiring about what is involved in getting (or implementing myself for CEF) read access to an ArrayBuffer originating in JavaScript and then passed into a custom handler within C++. Currently I can see the v8_object reference (v8_value->IsArrayBuffer() returns true). But there is no way I can see to actually read this value. Is it due to the special nature of ArrayBuffer types within v8?

Or is there a cast from CefRefPtr<CefV8Value>& that will let me see the raw bytes I have missed?

My current goals involve a somewhat large array, and base64 encoding it to send it via a custom XMLHttpRequest has performance implications.

Thank you for a marvelous framework that enables so much rich user interaction.

Best Regards,
Nick Gully
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