About multi_threaded_message_loop 's speed

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About multi_threaded_message_loop 's speed

Postby mung » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:17 am

Hi ~ :)

First, of course, I know single_process is not supported.

I tried test about multi_thread_message_loop's speed(a web page loading speed) each single_process and sub_process.

I have got an interesting result.

When I don't use multi_threaded_message_loop option, the speed is almost same.
However, when I use multi_threaded_message_loop, single_process is very fast.
and sub_process's speed is almost close before use multi_threaded_message_loop option.

Let's say before use multi_threaded_message_loop is 100 speed.
The multi_threaded_message_loop option applied single_process is 20 ~ 30 speed.

I don't know why it is very fast more than sub_process.

I want to know why it is fast more than sub_process.
And, is it possible applying the speed to sub_process?

I want to apply the speed, so I tried single_process.
However, when I use multi_threaded_message_loop with single_process.
It doesn't shut down. when I tried CefShutdown() function. it makes deadlock.

I hope it is helpful to CEF's message process speed.
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