how to get devtools info?

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how to get devtools info?

Postby zhengtong0898 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:07 am

i use this code to create a popup devtool.
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    CefWindowInfo window_info;
    window_info.SetAsPopup(nullptr, "devtools://devtools/bundled/devtools_app.html");
    CefBrowserSettings browser_settings;

    CefPoint point = CefPoint();
    if (params) {
        point.x = params->GetXCoord();
        point.y = params->GetYCoord();

    browser->GetHost()->ShowDevTools(window_info, client_handler, browser_settings, point);

i have two problem:
1. cefclient demo can't open devtool automaticlly.
in the devtool window, click settings -> checked 'Auto-open DevTools for popups' box, and then create another browser window, the newer devtool can't open automaticly.

2. how to get devtool's settings info ?
i want to get devtools settings info that i can ShowDevTool in ClientHandler::OnAfterCreated .
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