Make cefclient optional

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Make cefclient optional

Postby tlsa » Thu Oct 24, 2019 4:42 am


The cefclient example application has awkward dependencies:

* libgtkglext This is old and unmaintained it also depends on libpangox.
* libpangox This is very old, and they say not to use it at all:
libpangox README wrote:This is a compatibility library providing the obsolete pangox library that is not shipped by Pango itself anymore. If you are still using pangox, well, really, get a life...

These dependencies are only needed for ceflicent. Not for cefsimple or

So far I've not found a way to build, or cefsimple without having these archaic dependencies of cefclient installed. This is because when the Ninja files are generated:

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buildtools/linux64/gn gen out/Release --args="$(LIBCEF_GN_DEFINES)"

It always tries to generate the ninja files for cefclient. This causes it to reach the pkg-config check for libgtkglext, which causes the `gn gen` to fail with an assertion because the library isn't present.

Is there a way around this, or could you make the cefclient component optional?

I am building for linux.


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