why OnContextCreated do not be called

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why OnContextCreated do not be called

Postby 1945083536 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:17 pm

hi, i'm beginner to CEF. i want to implement a feature that call c++ function from JS.
below is my steps:
1, load a page just like cefsimple
2, modify TestCefApp just like below:
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class TestCefAPP : public CefApp, public CefBrowserProcessHandler, public CefRenderProcessHandler

and then, override the OnContextCreated and GetRenderProcessHandler ( with implement that return this)

there create function in OnContextCreated.

but OnContextCreated never be called.

i googled for a bit long time and could anyone give me any suggestions? there have some topices related to the same issue but there no useful conclusion.

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