Capture final URL from Google Maps

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Capture final URL from Google Maps

Postby CodeMann » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:21 pm

I have a 32-bit Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 10-x64 using CefSharp from NuGet.
I've written a large C# 4.0 WinForms App in Visual Studio 2010. Some time ago I added the CEF framework (version in order to utilize a web-browser inside my WinForms application.

I'm passing parameters (source and destination addresses) to Google Maps via the Chromium Web Browser, using a hidden textbox I've added to the WinForm containing the browser. The browser works great, opens up with the desired map and turn-by-turn directions.

What I want to do though, is to display the final URL in a second textbox I've placed at the top of the browser. In other words, if I were to send those same parameters to any other browser, it opens up the Map at Google and a much longer, more complete URL appears, which is what I want to provide for the end-user.

However, in my App, after sending those parameters, all that appears in the textbox is the original parameters, i.e., just the source and destination addresses, and not what must be latitude and longitude, if one would examine the URL from Google.

Can anyone suggest how I might capture the longer, more complete URL when sending those parameters via the CEF browser?
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