x11 GL visuals don't work with CEF and GTK 3.22

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x11 GL visuals don't work with CEF and GTK 3.22

Postby Czarek » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:39 pm

When using default X11 visual then embedding CEF browser works fine. However when I use GTK 3.22 default visual which chooses an optimal visual for GL, or when using x11 RGBA visual (so that transparency works in windowed mode) then I get this error in Chromium:

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bool NativeViewGLSurfaceGLX::Initialize(GLSurfaceFormat format) {
  XWindowAttributes attributes;
  if (!XGetWindowAttributes(gfx::GetXDisplay(), parent_window_, &attributes)) {
    LOG(ERROR) << "XGetWindowAttributes failed for window " << parent_window_
               << ".";
    return false;

Ref: https://cs.chromium.org/chromium/src/ui ... 2d67d88389

It seems that 'parent_window_' is not valid anymore. Why would that happen?

When using GTK 2 then I can get transparent windows working fine in windowed mode, however it doesn't work in GTK 3 due to that error. Anyone have an idea how to fix that?

Using CEF 3538 (v70).
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