FATAL check and stack trace not logged to debug.log file

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FATAL check and stack trace not logged to debug.log file

Postby Czarek » Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:34 am

I am running cefclient application on Fedora 25. When using my own build (Release mode) and there is a FATAL check in Renderer process then I can see this FATAL check logged in debug.log file along with a full stack trace also written to that file. However when using binaries from Spotify (standard distribution) and there is a FATAL check failing I see no indication of it in logs (neither in console). Neither the FATAL check is logged and nor the stack trace when using Spotify binaries. Tried both Debug/Release versions with Spotify binaries and the result is the same. In my build I use the settings from the AutomatedBuildSetup wiki page with a few changes. I guess a GN arg that might affect the difference in behavior is "is_official_build=False". I can understand that the stack trace is not logged with Spotify binaries, because it is an official build. However it also does not even write the FATAL check to debug.log (even in Debug configuration binaries). Is this expected behavior?

Tested with "cef_binary_3.3538.1850.ge710be4_linux64".
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