JCEF in a Swing app. Failing to point to native dependencies

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JCEF in a Swing app. Failing to point to native dependencies

Postby garcinez » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:59 am


I can't get JCEF to run on Macos (same issue on Linux/Ubuntu): I have a java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: org.cef.CefApp.N_PreInitialize()Z
This method is a native one; I probably don't declare my native dependencies appropriately. Here is the chunk of my build.gradle.kts:
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implementation(fileTree(mapOf("dir" to "javacef")))

javacef being the dir in which I put the content of binary_distrib, after having build JCEF according to https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/java-cef/wiki/BranchesAndBuilding. The sample app works fine.

Also, I'm wondering whether JCEF can run in my context: this is a plugin of an opensource project (JOSM), relying on a Java/Swing desktop app. The plugin's entry point is a JPanel. I think I don't have a handle on the global JFrame.

Help very welcome :-)
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