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Version 0.30 released

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:22 pm
by Czarek
Version 0.30 released, comes with:
* Javascript bindings
* Javascript callbacks
* Python callbacks as arguments/return to javascript functions
* getting/setting window properties through Frame.GetProperty()/SetProperty().
* Fixed application error when closing main window.

An example of how to create bindings:

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def PyTest():
    print "PyTest() called"

bindings = cefpython.JavascriptBindings()
bindings.SetFunction("PyTest", PyTest)

// Pass bindings to CreateBrowser()
cefpython.CreateBrowser(... javascriptBindings=bindings ...)

Now from javascript call:

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window.PyTest() // "window." is optional, "PyTest()" also works.

There is also SetProperty() method so you can bind data to window object:

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bindings.SetProperty("config", {"option1": True, "option2": [1,2,3]})

"" comes with many tests for javascript bindings/callbacks, run it to see.

An application error was fixed when closing application (Issue 2). It was caused by a call to win32gui.DestroyWindow() in CloseApplication(), you should use win32api.PostMessage() instead:

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win32api.PostMessage(windowID, win32con.WM_DESTROY, 0, 0)

Download CEF Python from: