The CEF Python project is looking for sponsors

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The CEF Python project is looking for sponsors

Postby Czarek » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:28 am

About the project

CEF Python is a an open source project founded by Czarek Tomczak in 2012 to provide Python bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework. The project has evolved and it is now much more than just pure Python bindings, it helps you integrate the CEF framework with the Python environment, the desktop and the numerous Python GUI frameworks and tools such as PyQt, wxPython, PyGTK, PyGObject, Tkinter, Kivy, Panda3D, PyGame, PyOpenGL, PyWin32, PySide, PySDL2 and PyInstaller.

The project is seeking sponsors - please spread the word

The CEF Python project is seeking companies to help make the project even greater than it is today. There is a lot that can be done for the project such as monthly releases with latest Chromium version, an automated build system, more CEF API exposed (only about 50% is exposed so far), more examples, easier integration with popular GUI toolkits in just a few lines of code, H264 / H265 / AC3 / EAC3 / MPEG-4 codecs support in build tools, multi-threaded support, hundreds of new settings and preferences, and the many more proposals for new features submitted in the issue tracker. If your company would like to sponsor CEF Python development efforts then please contact Czarek. Long term sponsorships are welcome and Czarek is open to ideas about the project. He would love to spend more time on developing this project, but he can't afford doing so in his free time. Currently there is no company supporting this project actively on a day to day basis.
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