CEF3 restarts my app a number of times until the page loads

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CEF3 restarts my app a number of times until the page loads

Postby richardb » Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:43 pm

Hi, ripping my hair out here. I've written a MFC app that embeds CEF3 - I based it off the example MFC app at Mickeymicks blog (http://mickeymickstechblog.blogspot.com ... oject.html). My app currently compiles with CEF3 build 3.1650.1562 (I initially used build 3.2171.1979 but the issue I'm describing here occurred and I thought I would try an earlier build).

The app that Mickeymicks built works without issue using CEF3 build 3.1650.1562, but my app launches new instances of itself whilst the web page loads. Once the page has loaded, it stops creating instances of the application and it works fine but by then I have 3 to 4 instances of the app running. The longer the web page takes to load, the more running instances I'm left with.

The app is compiled using Visual Studio 2008 - I can't move to 2010 for a bunch of product dependency related reasons.

Any insight, help, suggestions would be most appreciated.


If I configure CefSettings to use a single_process then it works fine without issue, the documentation however says single_process is for dev mode, so I'm not sure if I can stick with this setting or not.

CefSettings appSettings;
appSettings.single_process = true;
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Re: CEF3 restarts my app a number of times until the page lo

Postby wborgsm » Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:58 am

Not sure why you put this into non-support specific forum, but here we go: you need to implement one of two solutions:
1) call CefExecute first thing in your main function and exit if the return value indicates that a secondary process is running, or
2) make a separate executable for the secondary processes and point to it in CefSettings.
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