Two Small Issues

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Two Small Issues

Postby fasecero » Tue May 20, 2014 3:08 pm

Hi, I just want to check two small issues I perceive in using CEF3:

1) The rendering speed seems to be reduced when I maximize the browser window. I understand that the rendering area is bigger, but if I increase the size of the window near the maximum size the effect isn't noticeable. Has anyone else seen this? Try with a html5 video.

2) Youtube with html5 enabled, I can't see fullscreen videos. When I press the fullscreen button the first time doesn't work, the second time it is, but some foreign frames are kept above the video.

Anyway, many web sites that didn't work with my previous engine, now work well with CEF3. I have successfully replaced my previous rendering engine and took me only one week. The API is well designed and easy to use. Congratulations and thanks to all those working in this excellent library.
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