Bay area companies that use CEF in their apps?

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Bay area companies that use CEF in their apps?

Postby tml » Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:43 am

Hi, my name is Tamas, I'm a developer at Prezi ( ) and I'm going to spend a month in SF participating in a so-called fellowship program, in which we are encouraged to visit other top-notch or aspiring tech companies, meet with the counterparts in our field, and exchange thoughts and experiences.

I'm especially looking for companies in the Bay area that are using CEF in their performance-critical hybrid apps. (By performance-critical I mean for example: heavy-weight calculations in JS, lot of data passed through the native-JS boundary, native code summoning and working with a lot of JS-space objects etc.). If you are working for such a company and willing to meet up for an informal talk one shiny day in October, I'll appreciate if you drop me a PM. I'd also be grateful for other 3rd party suggestions, especially if accompanied with contact information. Pointers to relevant tech meetups in the area are welcome too!

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