Appjs: CEF + Node.js cross-platform pre-packaged

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Appjs: CEF + Node.js cross-platform pre-packaged

Postby Benvie » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:52 pm

An open-source project I've been working on with a partner.

The goal has been to package CEF/Chromium as an easy to use and deploy platform for creating desktop applications built from web technologies, but with the native capabilities and awesome APIs of Node.js. It's finally getting to the point of usable and we are now providing pre-compiled packages that work on Linux, Mac, and Windows. If you're not familiar with Node.js, here's a partial summary of what it provides (to JavaScript):

* FileSystem [rename, truncate, chown, fchown, lchown, chmod, fchmod, lchmod, stat, lstat, fstat, link, symlink, readlink, realpath, unlink, * rmdir, mkdir, readdir, close, open, utimes, futimes, fsync, write, read, readFile, writeFile, appendFile, watchFile, unwatchFile, watch]
* Module System
* HTTP [Server, Client]
* HTTPS [Server, Client]
* DNS [lookup, resolve, resolve4, resolve6, resolveMx, resolveTxt, resolveSrv, resolveNs, resolveCname, reverse]
* Crypto [Hash, Hmac, Cipher, Decipher, Signer, Verify, DiffieHellman]
* Net [Server, Socket, Pipe]
* UDP [Socket]
* VM [Context, Script]
* Child Process [spawn, exec, fork]
* TTY [ReadStream, WriteStream]
* ZLIB [Gzip, Gunzip, Deflate, Inflate, Unzip, Zip]

Node also comes with a cross-platform wrapper around dlopen for including C++ modules (in fact Appjs is loaded in this manner as a node module).

If you REALLY want to go native, get node-ffi and then you can get access ANY system or C/most C++ API from JS. Everything that works in Node works in Appjs. Here's the 30k lines of bindings to the entire Windows API I made:

(here's bindings to the system clipboard ... b/win32.js and here's bindings to the Windows Registry ... egistry.js)

It's still in early development, but coming along nicely and we're committed to making it easy to use and easy to distribute apps built with it.
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Re: Appjs: CEF + Node.js cross-platform pre-packaged

Postby magreenblatt » Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:28 am

Sounds cool, thanks for sharing :-).
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Re: Appjs: CEF + Node.js cross-platform pre-packaged

Postby remoe » Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:13 am


Is this similar to:


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