Google Sign-in deprecation schedule

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Re: Google Sign-in deprecation schedule

Postby salvadordf » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:29 pm

ndesktop wrote:Makes sense. I was considering obtaining an API Key that would been recognized by GMail team, but I think they will support only well-known mainstream browsers.
Basically being in the list with Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

I run out of ideas - the Google groups conversation started by you did not end with any detail - last post is mine from 05/2019. Did someone contacted Google for obtaining API keys for a Chromium browser? How does it work?

Jonathan Skelker said in that forum post that you should contact him if you have questions or concerns. ... j1v_cqBgAJ
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Re: Google Sign-in deprecation schedule

Postby ndesktop » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:05 am

Jonathan Skelker appears to be out of this.
I'm actually no longer working on this effort, so am copying in the team responsible, []+LSB escalations[/url].

However the main problem here is that as the browser is based on Chromium embedded library and as such we can't tell whether the application will be abusive or not. Our recommendation to developers is to move to browser based OAuth. Our LSB help center article has more details.


If Google LSB escalation team will say something, I will follow-up with details.
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