Disabling SSL certificate validation

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Disabling SSL certificate validation

Postby sravan19986 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:01 am


i have a web application(Client/Server) which uses SSL secure node communication using CEF

Application launch performance is taking around 8 seconds when server certificate alone is created with out any root CA (Launched from client)

if we create the same server certifcate with RootCA, launch performance is taking 20+ seconds (Launched from the same client)

But if we place the root CA in client then the application launch performance is taking around 8 seconds( But i dont want to place rootCA in client)

From this what i understood is validation of server certificate is happening with client rootCA which was not available in client and it is consuming time.

Is there any way to disable the client validation in XIlium cefglue or CEF so that i can launch my application in 8 seconds
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