Using multitherad under the CefResourceHandler

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Using multitherad under the CefResourceHandler

Postby saykou » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:49 am

Is it possible to use multi thread under the Resource handler, the cef application started to behave badly after this, i wonder if it is a problem of thread safety on my underlying code, or is CEF that can't handle mutlithread in this section of the code.

I have something like this.

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      virtual bool ProcessRequest(CefRefPtr<CefRequest> request, CefRefPtr<CefCallback> callback)
         OVERRIDE {
                        CefPostTask(TID_FILE, base::Bind(&MyCefResourceHandler::asyncExecute, this, request->GetURL(), callback));
         return true;

      void asyncExecute(std::string url, CefRefPtr<CefCallback> callback)
         std::thread asyncExecute(&MyCefResourceHandler::execute, this, url, callback);
      void execute(std::string url, CefRefPtr<CefCallback> callback) {

thanks in advance.
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Re: Using multitherad under the CefResourceHandler

Postby amaitland » Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:03 pm

Any method that provides s callback is meant to be used in an asynchronous fashion.

Reading the data in an asynchronous fashion is a little more complicated see ... ew-default
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