[Linux] Selection boxes in print preview menu do not open up

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[Linux] Selection boxes in print preview menu do not open up

Postby dpino » Mon Nov 27, 2023 4:56 pm

I've noticed that with 'enable-print-preview' switched on, the selection boxes of the print preview menu do not open up. In Windows, the selection boxes are working as expected.

Environment: Ubuntu 22.04
CEF Version: 106.0.26+ge105400+chromium-106.0.5249.91

To reproduce the issue, I've cloned the cef-project and added a few commits on top it in a remote branch:
- https://github.com/dpino/cef-project/tr ... nt-preview

How to reproduce:
- `git clone https://github.com/dpino/cef-project`
- `cd cef-project`
- `git checkout enable-print-preview`
- `./tools/build.sh`
- `build.jammy/Release/minimal --url=https://cef-builds.spotifycdn.com/index.html`
- Once the browser is opened, press 'Ctrl + P' to open the print preview menu.
- Click on the selection boxes to open up their list of options (none of them list their options, it's neither possible to click on them to select them).

Anyone else has seen this issue? Is this a bug or there's something wrong in my code or in my environment?

Thanks in advance.
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